• WIN! We’re on board for another year  on 2 February, 2014

    Fresh eyes are always good, but they’re not everything.

    Last year we took a fresh look and one of P&O major selling tools – the mighty P&O brochure – winning the client with our aesthetic principles.

    So how did we go pitching for the work 2nd time around? We ripped out our eyes and began again. However, this time we were armed with the the irreplaceable weapon of experience. Last year’s process and a frank appraisal of the work gave us clear direction on what we wanted to improve, so we set about refining the structure and rethinking the design.

    A little learning goes a long way, giving us a win and securing the work for a second year. We’re excited for just how good the new brochure will be. Of course, we’ll keep you posted.

    And for all of us it’s an important lesson: if at first you do succeed, it doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

    Linny takes a second look