Allan Bennett

Founder & Partner

The Big Bad Wolf, he’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll blow your expectations apart. With over 20 years of experience under his belt you could say he’s getting porky, he knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it good. Good thing for you that he’s better at his job than his golf game. In his natural habitat the Big Bad Wolf is technologically inept, but manages to keep everything in line around him, including his email account and the testosterone levels in the office.

Allan thinks happy is

  • Untrodden paths
  • Family
  • Friends

Andrew Whittle

Managing Partner

If there was a prize for feeling at ease in any situation, Whittle would calmly approach the podium and accept it without breaking a sweat. Raised by CEOs on the client side of the industry, (McDonalds and Telstra will never be the same without him), he’s now a part of the cut and thrust of advertising and leads his team like a tall, slim Winston Churchill, inspiring, motivating but never surrendering until the job is done.

Andrew thinks happy is:

  • My little girl.
  • Ponchos
  • Friends and festivals

Ryan Hill

Executive Creative Director & Partner

35 years of inspiration. 3,381,709 ideas. 735,642 Sketches. Bucket loads of passion. That’s it really…

…well, there is a bit more. After spending his formative years practising in the UK, Ryan packed his bags for a world trip and only got half way. Since then he’s spent eleven years building and mentoring our busy studio to service Dynamix’ high calibre of clients. Ryan likes to keep things simple in order to meet their high expectations. He simply insists the work is creative, effective, and efficient every time.

Ryan thinks happy is

  • An evening surf
  • A piano, a nice icy drink, and no-one listening
  • Giving a little more than you get

Annabel Kulich

Account Manager to the stars

When Annabel left Canberra to join Dynamix in 2012, they say you could hear the weeping of a thousand bureaucrats on that day… She brought with her a smile and an unrivalled command of traffic roundabouts, plus some handy agency experience servicing clients from federal government through to commercial real-estate and the medical industry.

Annabel thinks happy is:

  • Fresh Cut Flowers
  • The Original Portuguese Charcoal Chicken Burger
  • Trashy Brit Reality TV

Diana Choi

Account Director & Protector

Of All Things Cute and Furry

Di’s been in the client service industry for 12 years, giving it big for some big clients. But when it comes to it she’s the ultimate Pocket rocket. Just try to keep up if you can. After seeing if the grass was greener by experiencing a few other agencies, she’s now back at Dynamix because she loves us and we love her!

Di thinks happy is:

  • Wine. And lots of it
  • Chloe the dog
  • Some greek village called Asos?


Hillbilly Associate Creative Director

David ‘Smitty’ Smith has long side burns. Rolled up sleeves. And a beat up old 60′s FB Holden. This man should have been born in 1935, but has mysteriously found himself in a strange, futuristic setting. In this modern age of mobile phones and internet wires known as the 21 Century, Smitty survives only on his unstoppable wit and half a tin of hair product. I guess his mastery of design & advertising and over 20 years industry experience probably help too.

Smitty thinks happy is

  • Don Draper
  • All you can eat diners
  • Zeke & Ruby Smith, when they sleep

Lloyd Shiers

Man of Power / Designer

Lloyd’s not one to blow his own trumpet. Actually he is, but only in his spare time at band practice, or if one of us happens to have a song request of a Friday afternoon. Otherwise his hands are free to design some of the most successful campaigns Dynamix has produced. And to arrange his ever-expanding award cabinet of course.

Lloyd thinks happy is

  • Booze, women and bikes (in no particular order)
  • Friday lunches at Dynamix
  • Having a blast in general

Brett Gosper

Senior Designer

Still waters run deep, Brett is hands on with the tools, a mean illustrator and has a BA in Industrial Design, but he’s not one to tell everyone. Brett’s more concerned about getting the job done with astonishing attention to detail. He also has a passion for ‘art with a message’ i.e. Bansky and Shepard Fairey, but don’t call him a fairy, country blokes don’t like that. You can call him Brott, Brottlee, Brottleberry, Brettsticks or Hippobrottamus though.

Brett thinks happy is:

  • Travelling anywhere
  • Free weekends & good food
  • Bold women & fine fonts

Grant Graham

Studio Manager

Sure the critics would choose to talk about his speed and agility, but Grant Graham is so much more. A man that could be best likened to an ice berg. On the surface he comes across cool as ice but if you spend the day with him you just may come to realise that there’s a whole lot going on below the surface in the way of unrevealed acting skills that never quite came to the surface.

Grant thinks happy is

  • Good coffee
  • swim @ the beach
  • a good bowl of pasta

Elvis Battaglia

Finished Artist

When your surname translates as ‘Battle’ you can’t easily be beaten. For Elvis this certainly rings true in the studio. With over 20 years experience and a temperament that soaks up pressure like a sponge, we’re glad to have him on our side. Fighting the daily battles of cmyk vs RGB and dpi vs dot gain comes easy when you’re the king, uh-huh-ha, the king of pre-press. Although he’s still hasn’t worn the cape to work.

Elvis thinks happy is

  • Formula 1
  • Wood-fired Pizza
  • Coffee

Lindsay Graham

Finished Artist

Stolen from his natural habitat of the South American Amazon (or was it Perth?), Lindsay now uses the energy he used to put into collecting cola nuts into collecting as many jobs tickets as possible then getting them out of the studio quicker than a midget running around an 18inch scaled down model of Stonehenge

Linny knows happy is

  • Hard rock
  • Soft cheese
  • Sunsets

Jacob Lopez

Production Account Manager

Hmm, what can we say… From pixel perfect to print perfect Jay keeps his eyes on your everything and he wants everything to be ‘just so’. Like André Rieu he’ll orchestrate a thousand things ’til they’re humming in symphony and bristling with beauty. Just without the mentalness. And certainly not with André’s hair. And without a fanfare, it’ll just get done. Not that we hate André…

Jacob thinks happy is:

  • having a daughter
  • having a son
  • having and holding

Gabriel Said

Head of Production and Innovation

For a guy with such a shiny head Gabriel is surprisingly good at getting our clients out of hairy situations. Need 3000 hand-delivered yesterday? Already done. His skills don’t come free though, the man had a full-head of hair before he started here. The glare from his chrome-dome is oft lit by the bulb of a bright idea and as head of Innovation he puts it all to great use. If only we could find a use for his table tennis prowess.

Gabriel thinks happy is:

  • My family.
  • Coffee, single malt scotch and iced tea (Ok, and food).
  • Manchester United.

Deirdre Hankins

Premiums & Promotions Account Manager

Need an amazing promotional item to bring your campaign to life? Deirdre knows just the guy in a distant land who actually makes them for a living (all depending on decent lead times and quantities of course) and her African resourcefulness will make it all happen. Yes, Deirdre knows how to get you a bargain when you want one but also values a great working relationship with her suppliers – that’s just one of the reasons she fits in so well with us.

Deirdre thinks happy is:

  • A good cup of Tea
  • Grandchildren
  • Your logo in one colour

Jigar Pandya

Warehouse & Promotions Manager

Jigar is our Promo King. As a young lad he knew he was destined for royalty and when the day came to bestow upon him the responsibility for one of our largest departments, he was very well prepared. In no time at all his team of grape peelers and palm frond fanners moved in and his throne was set up in the master room of the Dynamix castle.

Jigar thinks happy is

  • Beach cricket
  • Rainforest camps
  • Getting a special vegetarian dish for Friday lunch

Alex Smith

Warehouse Supervisor

The freshest face of the ‘warehouse wizards guild’ is a distinguished graduate from the school of hard graft. Gifted with surprising strength, stamina and an uncompromising attention to doing stuff, Alex is an integral part of Dynamix warehousing and project fulfillment solutions.

Alex thinks happy is:

  • Friday lunches
  • Car trips with friends
  • Dinner and a movie

Gabriella Angiletta

Office Manager & Accounts

In a former life Gabriella mastered the art of motivating moody chefs, organising waiters and satisfying hungry patrons – all in a day’s work turning chaos into order running a bustling Italian restaurant. Little wonder she always has a smile on her face in accounts keeping the numbers in check and overseeing the running of the Dynamix office.

Gabby thinks happy is:

  • Family
  • Italian Food
  • Shopping

Daniela Cosworth

Financial Controller

Counting the beans at Dynamix has kept Daniela on her toes for the last ten years, though she dances across the numbers like a ballerina. And as the wheels turn from month to month Daniela’s watchful eye is there to make sure all is running in a sustainable way. She’s lovely, but might take a sharp tone if someone’s scoffing the biscuits… these things cost money you know.

Daniela thinks happy is

  • Anything with formulas
  • Agency Pro
  • A good bottom line, yeah she works out


Chief Car Washer

We quickly realised the one skill missing at Dynamix was the delicate and often exacting craft of car washing. Fortunately Pedro walked by our door one morning, wheeling behind him a bin of car cleaning products and a charming, multi-coloured toy windmill. Who could resist? Besides, all our cars were filthy.

Pedro knows happy is

  • Soapy bubbles
  • Wet T-shirts
  • Running down your battery while listening to music