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Production Account Manager

Hmm, what can we say… From pixel perfect to print perfect Jay keeps his eyes on your everything and he wants everything to be ‘just so’. Like André Rieu he’ll orchestrate a thousand things ’til they’re humming in symphony and bristling with beauty. Just without the mentalness. And certainly not with André’s hair. And without a fanfare, it’ll just get done. Not that we hate André…

Jacob thinks happy is:

  • having a daughter
  • having a son
  • having and holding

Head of Production and Innovation

For a guy with such a shiny head Gabriel is surprisingly good at getting our clients out of hairy situations. Need 3000 hand-delivered yesterday? Already done. His skills don’t come free though, the man had a full-head of hair before he started here. The glare from his chrome-dome is oft lit by the bulb of a bright idea and as head of Innovation he puts it all to great use. If only we could find a use for his table tennis prowess.

Gabriel thinks happy is:

  • My family.
  • Coffee, single malt scotch and iced tea (Ok, and food).
  • Manchester United.